Oh boy!  Stampin’ Up! is releasing a new Holiday Mini just in time for my birthday!  I’m turning 4 on September 2nd, the day after Stampin’ Up! is releasing some pretty interesting animals!

Check out my new friend!  He’s all ready for Halloween THIS EARLY!  I’m thinking that Ann’s going to need to do a class to help this guy get dressed!


Watch your mailbox!  We’ve got something special for you so keep that new Holiday Mini catalog close by the phone!  There’s a special starting for my birthday where you could get the dies like this for just $10!  Such a deal!

Want to send me a card for my 4th birthday?  My mailing address is at the top & bottom of every newsletter Ann sends.  And I LOVE the mailman…er…lady….er…person.  i’d love to hear from you!

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Chow 4 Now, Baby!