We were so busy stampin’ tonight that I didn’t get pictures of the Stamp Club projects!  I’ll have them up tomorrow. 


First, here’s a picture of a project that Ann wants to do with YOU!  Isn’t this a cute bag?  Stampin’ Up! is partnering with Build-A-Bear.  I can’t wait for you to see the Holiday Mini that’s coming out in a couple weeks. 

Just click on ANY of these pictures for a full sized view.

So now you see THIS bag, but Ann got a DIFFERENT bag!


It all starts when they secretly slip out back & bring back a special bag for Founder’s Circle members.  This means that you are in the Top 100 of the Demonstrators of the Year &/or Top 10 of certain categories.  For Ann, it was #7 in Stampin’ Up!’s Demonstrator of the Year for the United States.


 Ann is getting a hug here from Stampin’ Up! CEO & Co-Founder, Shelli Gardner (she’s a sweetie) when Ann was recognized on my behalf.

If you look at the full sized version, you’ll see that pretty big smile on Shelli’s face.  I’ll bet Ann was smiling too.  I know she said that she shook a lot.

Here’s Ann below with her new friends on the Advisory Board.  They’re not all up there yet, but when they are, it’s a total of 8 members of the Board.



Ann said the stage is VERY big, but that I could probably run across it in 2.5 seconds.

I can’t wait to talk to them, but Ann won’t give me their phone numbers….yet.  I love Martha in the front row on the left.  She made me a scarf once.  Ann’s standing next to her, second from the left.  Just click on the picture to see their smiling faces.

Ann & Meg And here’s Ann with my buddy Meg from that big state you humans call Texas.  If it weren’t for Meg & a few other of my close personal friends, we wouldn’t have any pictures of Awards Night.

You should go next year with Ann.  We’ve got programs in place to help you achieve YOUR goals & dreams.  Your dream may be making friends like we’ve made with Meg, Martha and lots of other demonstrators across the US & Canada (so far).  Your dream may be to be appreciated.

That’s what we’re here for!  Got questions?  Check it out here or just ask Ann.

Chow Baby!